Historic Record

Historic record and facts available today confirm Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 is typical reverse-engineering product.
Historic record and facts available today confirm Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 is typical reverse-engineering employed by Russians to rapidly arm.

Historic record and facts available today confirm the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15, is typical reverse-engineering employed by Soviet Union to rapidly arm itself with modern weapons at least cost a practice that continues today with Vladimir Putin’s new Russia.

The fancy new Russian combat aircraft recently displayed by Moscow are mostly reverse-engineering melded with weaponized readily available western modern commercial electronics products many derived from children’s toys, other off-the shelf commercial technologies, and military secret information pilfered from NATO countries by the KGB..oops, FSB and GRU intelligence services including their new cyber units.

Beginning in late 1930’s German industry spend tons of money on design and extensive research, which later allowed manufacture of the first successful turbine engines powering military jet fighter aircraft like ME-262 despite enduring the height of WW2 shortages of valuable raw material resources.

The Messerschmitt ME-262 fighter produced by engineers and aeronautical specialists endowed with genius critical future thinking, its success may have changed history had it been manufactured earlier in sufficient numbers fortunately for us Hitler initially vetoed further development work however, work done on it by industry in secret and lessons learned precursed the jet age that followed.

The collapse of Nazi Germany created a free-for-all atmosphere amongst victors poised to grab the spoils of war for themselves, all wanted German advanced weapons systems and remaining technical staff.

After the dust settled, the USA seemed winner getting the lion’s share however, Stalin and company also ended up benefitting substantially.

Testing and technical analysis of systems, and intense interrogation of the German technicians provided everybody new information to integrate into their own ongoing advanced weapons research and development.

The MiG-15 is a direct result of that booty of information and intact systems confiscated by Stalin’s NKVD technical corps agents searchers rummaging through the still smoking German ruins in 1945 coupled with the astonishing and very foolish British government’s decision to sell fully developed Nene engines from Rolls-Royce to Stalin’s evil empire behind Churchill’s “Iron Curtain”.

Stalin initially annoyed, when his aviation commissars suggested buying Nene engines from Britain to copy the technology, said “What fool will sell us his secrets?” He was ecstatic when his commissars actually got the engines from Britain.

Experts say the MiG-15 remains the most widely produced military jet aircraft ever made perhaps totaling 18,000 manufactured world-wide both domestically and under license.

This stubby, delta-winged, aircraft bears a striking resemblance to the US F-86 , which it fought over Korea in the early 1950’s both owe their existence to German ancestry.

My picture taken in Ottawa’s Canada Aviation and Space Museum shows an ex-Polish MiG 15 produced in that country under license for their air-force sporting same familiar one 37mm and two 23mm cannons sprouting around air intake in the nose.

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