Wish For Peace

My wish for peace depicted in Ottawa's War Memorial reminds everyone of generation lost in hell of modern war.
My wish for peace depicted in Ottawa’s War Memorial in faces of young Canadians returning home from hell of modern mechanized war.

My wish for peace in our troubled world depicted in Ottawa’s War Memorial, in the faces of young Canadian soldiers returning home from four horrible years surviving in the trenches of Europe, where humanity got its first glimpse of hell that modern mechanized war is.

Included in my picture is also a reminder of the young who failed to return, shown in the foreground, the final resting place of the unknown soldier.

Although that generation of Canadians is all gone now unfortunately, their experiences were forgotten, lessons learned ignored allowing another war, WW2 fought by the “greatest generation”, that too soon will be gone because most of them are in their early 90’s.

Then came the UN Korean “police action” followed by “peace keeping” in places like Cyprus, Golan Heights, Bosnia and “anti-terrorist post 9-11” support in Afghanistan just to name a few reluctant trips into war.

The international money changers selfish, insatiable, desire for even more bigger profits brings expectations for more future war and strife, death and destruction.

Their controlled, evil, well oiled, system for doom continues unabated churning out more opportunities for them to attain excessive wealth and power.

They care not about destroying human generations wantonly heck, it is just part of doing “good” business and as that famous quote says “there is nothing personal doing this, it’s just business you know!”

Humanity is viewed a commodity, exploitable, to be used without regard to any suffering to people as long as money can be made from it and once used up, their worth exhausted, to be discarded as trash.

My wish for our world is to wake up from our slumber and clearly see the evil that has ensnared us, change our routine, that collective “business as usual” slave attitude and instead cast off our tight financial shackles by encouraging and installing new credible, honest, reliable class of government responsible only to the people to create a bright, new, peaceful, productive world for all.

We must end our financial life blood draining by the international leeches, accustomed to creating our reality, a fake world of distrust and fear, stoking the industrial-military complex, where celebrity life-style, controlled mass-media lies, propaganda, hate, population manipulation, civil disturbances, uncertainty, and terror leads to arms buildup and continued genocidal war.

History shows war has never solved anything and never will instead it creates more hatred, destruction, suffering, loss of generations, it will however, give more bigger, fatter, juicier profits for international, manipulating, elite, carpetbagger money changers.

Famed U.S. Major-General S. Butler once said “War is a booming business, it is a racket” he explained that a “racket is not what it seems to the majority. It is conducted for the benefit of very few at the expense of the masses!”

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”WISH”

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