Excited Swarm

At 5 PM sharp excited swarm of Jazz fans greets West Tranz troupe entering Quartier-des-Spectacles entertainment area.
Excited swarm of international tourists and local fans greets West Tranz troupe entering Montreal’s famous Quartier-des-Spectacles entertainment area.

An excited swarm of international tourists and local fans in downtown Montreal greeted the West Tranz mobile troupe as they entered the famous Quartier-des-Spectacles entertainment area.

Everyday at 5 PM sharp this talented group of musicians would roll up Saint Catherine street heading west towards the entertainment area and throngs of Jazz and music fans would surround their travelling caravan to the exact spots where they would temporarily stop and put on their show.

As depicted in this picture hundreds of excited visitors and locals await the troupe as it slowly meanders up the street heading west or the far right side of the picture where they would turn north or bottom of this picture stopping to perform their wonderful “railroad” inspired music.

I took this picture while a member of that famed swarm awaiting the troupe in 2016 during the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival last July.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SWARM”.