Parlay Greater Sales

AB InBev's Goose Island Beer Company gave passersby free samples on Crescent street in parlay for greater beer sales.
AB InBev’s buying Chicago based Goose Island Beer Company in 2011 parlay for greater beer sales greatly improved their corporate bottom line.

The Goose Island Beer Company parlay for greater beer sales in Montreal during the 2016 annual International Grand Prix weekend was their corporate booth-tent on famous downtown Crescent street.

The Chicago based firm gave away free samples of their delicious line of brewed products to passersby, anyone who cared to sample them as depicted in my picture.

The real parlay in this story is AB InBev’s buying the Goose Island Beer Company in 2011, betting on improving their corporation’s bottom line with their own version of the original craft beers.

Brazilian based international megabrewer corporation AB InBev has synthesizing the processes and trimmed the number of types of crafts beer originally brewed by Goose Island attaining reasonable success with their new products and substantially increased their profits doing so.

Their profits however, can’t mask the fact the beer is not the same and will never be instead only a credible partial “knock off” of what the original line produced by the Goose Island Beer Company was.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PARLAY”.