No Doubt Art

The picture this lady is looking at no doubt is art by local artist music lover.
The picture this lady is looking at no doubt is art produced by some talented local artist, who probably loves Jazz music.

The pictures she is looking at are no doubt art produced by various talented local artists, who are probably music lovers because this “art gallery” was a tent in the Quartier-des-Spectacles entertainment area during the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

This lady obviously seems interested or perhaps, just curious about the collection of art works hung up on the metal grid wall and trying to make up her mind whether there is something she really likes to buy.

The collection  composed of oils, pastels, and water-color modern abstract images of various sizes depicting musicians and things related to music, each sports its own unique frame type.

I found this exhibition inside a tent store selling Jazz Fest souvenirs shortly after I had finished taking some pictures of one bands playing a free show in the Lounge Heineken (beer tent) next to it.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”DOUBT”.