The Road Taken Discovery

The road taken discovery bronze plaque depicts 1868 Quebec Roman Catholic Pontifical Zouave international volunteers.
The road taken discovery weathered bronze plaque at base of large granite statue in front of famous Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

The road taken discovery is this weathered bronze plaque at the base of a large granite statue consisting of a series of bronzes situated in downtown Montreal in front of the famous Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

This statue is on the Cathedral’s west side and I have already shown some of it previously however, for some reason I never paid much attention to this very interesting plaque at its base, on north side facing Rene Levesque boulevard until last week when I again visited the church.

Apparently, there is another one on the opposite side of the statue on the south side facing the Cathedral itself, which I have yet to photograph next time.

This bronze plaque seems to depict some sort of gathering of military surrounding perhaps, a Catholic Monseigneur (a ranked priest) or a Bishop, visiting their encampment before a coming battle.

The outfits worn by these troops resemble middle-eastern garb, perhaps Turkish, topped with American Civil War type caps, and wearing French style leather boots armed with French rifles.

Did a little Google research and found that the plaque depicts Roman Catholic Pontifical Zouave international volunteers from the province of Quebec between 1868-70 who fought a war for Pope Pius IX.

Despite the valiant efforts of this “French Foreign Legion” style force composed of volunteers from all over fighting against the Italian government’s Unificationist Risorgimento, the Papal States forces lost the war in 1870.

This my contribution for WP photo challenge:”THE ROAD TAKEN”.

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