Quicken Pace

Sugar Brown seemed to quicken pace really strumming his guitar strings, practicing with band for their evening gig later on.
Sugar Brown seemed to quicken pace really strumming his guitar strings as his  little band practiced belting it out for appreciative passersby audience.

Sugar Brown seemed to quicken the pace strumming the strings on his guitar leading his trusty, little, band to really belt out the number being played for an appreciative audience, a few passersby that stopped and gawked at the stage in amazement early that afternoon.

I was also one of those passersby when I took this image earlier in the afternoon as the band was practicing for their evening gig later on that slightly overcast, very sunny, bright, day .

After listening to them practicing their music for a bit, I became convinced that I must come back later to enjoy their show meanwhile, I occupied myself taking pictures of these exciting musicians from Chicago in town for the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival.

In retrospect, I am fortunate that I did because this band has not returned to Montreal since that summer in 2015 however, I still hope that they will soon because I really enjoyed their unique classic blues sound and style and their flamboyant leader, Dr. Ken Kawashima aka Sugar Brown.

The band consisted of Sugar Brown and three other guys; a bass player, the drummer,  a harmonica player, and to complete this band one very talented, young, woman named Minnie Hart on guitar, who during that practice also practiced playing a saxophone.

By-the-way, that guy playing the mouth-organ(harmonica) also practiced with his own guitar proving that everybody in this tight, little, band probably played more than one musical instrument heck, word has it that Sugar Brown, originally started his musical career playing a harmonica in the bars of West Side Chicago.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”QUICKEN”.

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