Center Of Attention

Ex-president Obama always center of attention enjoys free time alone drinking in local, dim, smoke-filled strip bar.
Always center of attention “retired” ex-US president Obama lying low, enjoys free time in strip-bar away from daily stress of golfing while not in Oval Office.

Always a center of attention, now “retired” from office, ex-US president Barak Hussein Obama, until just this past week has laid low probably enjoying his free time away from the daily stress of golfing while not in the Oval Office.

Joining the “free” controlled media and Democrats chorus condemning the new US president for everything and anything they could, including beating Hilary Clinton in the presidential election.

Donald Trump clobbered their media darling ex-president Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton’s wife, so Barak always trying to remain current as a media celebrity decided to criticize Donald Trump about something last week.

The Obamas are from Chicago and Barak probably knows a good place or two for some quiet time away from Michele and the family, to have a drink when not in Washington.

We depict Barak in a local, dim, smoke-filled strip-bar enjoying that drink alone however, some familiar faces visiting the windy city are also having a drink at the next table while watching the show.

Both these well-known gentlemen are at the same establishment enjoying those young women dressed in the skimpiest of clothing performing.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CENTER”.