Vader Secret Hideout


Evil Sith lord Darth Vader's secret camouflaged hideout found in Montreal.
Evil Sith lord Darth Vader’s secret camouflaged hideout found in most unlikely place,  a Montreal army surplus store.

News Flash: Darth Vader’s secret hideout found in the most unlikely place right under his sleuths and Star Wars fans noses, a place nobody most likely would ever dream of.

While touring Montreal’s downtown winter festival site which unfortunately has turned into a spring-time one because of the sudden warm weather, I headed east until reaching Saint Laurent boulevard also famously known as the “Main”.

This area is undergoing tremendous transformation with many of the centuries old buildings being torn down replaced by modern concrete, metal and glass ones however, some old structures remain and one of them is Vader’s secret lair.

The give away was not easily noticeable for the untrained eye however, I am very alert for hidden clues that my sharp vision spots as happened on Friday, February, 24, 2017.

I was passing by an army surplus store two of which are side by side on this boulevard just a little north of Saint Catherine street when I saw a strange metal manikin in the window convinced me to enter the surplus store to check it out.

After walking inside I inspected the manikin better and while doing so spotted R2D2 or its double right next to the window manikin, both were metal art works composed of used car parts including sheet metal.

Because it was inside a busy business establishment I immediately inquired whether I could take a few pictures asking someone working there and got my OK.

This gentleman also told me that besides those two metal art works more existed at the far end of the store and that it was OK if I took pictures of those too.

I immediately wandered over and suddenly I spotted Darth Vader hiding in a far corner drapped with an American flag for camouflage fortunately, I knew about this evil Sith Lord.

Although amongst the greatest fictional character villains ever he instinctively knew how to blend in when hiding until I spotted him having watched Star Wars years ago, so the jig was up now everybody knows his secret whereabouts.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”HIDEOUT”.