Defensive Blur

Goalie is defensive blur as are his two defense-men protecting their net from opposition center-man.
Goalie is defensive blur protecting his net from opposition player racing in followed by two blurred defencemen trying to stop him.

Goalie is defensive blur as are his two defencemen protecting their net from opposition centerman, who overshot the net and slows down before hitting retaining ice rink wall.

The opposition hockey player, probably a centerman, wearing Boston Bruins colors, zoomed in at high-speed trying to score instead overshoots the net while two defencemen try to take him out.

The two defense-men desperately try to take the puck away from him however, he was just too quick and ended up behind the net after slowing down at last moment so as not to slam into the rink wall.

I witnessed this play at the local municipal arena a couple of years ago when these juniors played an  exciting tournament game where both hockey teams were literally flying, skating high-speed end to end trying to score on each other all afternoon.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BLUR”