Evil Zombie Drunk


A terrified young woman after seeing the evil zombie ran away screaming meanwhile, it got drunk at the all-night bar after entering it and sampling red wine, more, and more red wine much to the amazement of the staff.

You see zombies are not known to be drinkers however, once they sample some booze they are quickly addicted and leave a place only after emptying the liquor supply then stagger out like our drunken, slobbering, zombie, who then tried to strangle a waiter.

These undead creatures wander around during the night searching for food and a McDonald’s “Happy Meal” won’t do because they prefer raw flesh quenched with red blood therefore, you probably will have a hard time finding a boozer amongst them.

Fortunately, for us our drunk evil zombie, after scaring a man out for a walk, wandered out into the street when somebody in their car suddenly smacked it putting it out of commission for good.

That car then sped away after leaving tire tread marks all over it.

Since a zombie culture seems to exist even at WP, as evidenced in the serious list of blogs dedicated to it, this is my contribution, hope you get some chuckles from it!