Love Expectation


Today, love expectation is high because of Saint Valentine, a Catholic patron saint, martyred for his faith in ancient Rome loving his executioners.

On the day he was to die, he gave a note to his jailer-executioner’ formerly blind daughter, whom he miraculously restored eyesight to which said a few famous words, “Your Valentine”.

Saint Valentine was brutally martyred during the reign of Emperor Claudius Gothicus for helping convert pagan Romans to Christianity meanwhile, refusing the emperor to sacrifice to Rome’s prescribed pagan idol gods.

While imprisoned he gave testimony and through fervent prayers healed his  jailer’s blind daughter when asked to by him, who promised to intervene asking clemency of the emperor yet failed to get it resulting in Saint Valentine’s death.

Apparently, because of lack of written records or others lost since those times our information is mostly based on oral testimonies of  Christian survivors however, sufficient, scant, information exists showing there may have been more than one martyr named Valentinus (Valentine).

Because of this uncertainty, the Roman Catholic Church removed his name from their General Roman Calendar, leaving his liturgical celebration to local calendars although the Church continues recognizing him as saint listing him in the Roman Martyrology authorizing his liturgical veneration on February 14 each year.

This early Christian martyr’s feast day on February 14 however, has since been subverted by our secular society commercializing it into their type of “love”,  financial gain.

My short animation reflects what Saint Valentine means today for those who  celebrate it in our modern world, hope you get a chuckle out of it.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”EXPECTATION”.