Cops Aware

Montreal cops foot patrol wear camouflage pants and red caps aware looking odd.
Montreal cops wear camouflage pants and red caps aware looking odd  fighting  Philippe Coulliard Liberal government reneging a collective agreement with police union.

Montreal cops wear camouflage pants and red caps aware that it may look odd perhaps stupid, in their ongoing fight with the Philippe Coulliard Liberal government, who reneged honoring the collective agreement made with their powerful police union.

This picture depicts a foot patrol in the western part of downtown, where many bars and eateries abound because of many offices located nearby.

Over the last few years the police “suffered” because their formerly very generous retirement and pension plan dismantled under the Liberal “austerity” program, that also hurt the ordinary citizens because of massive hacking of  Quebec’s part of the Canada Health Act through under funding.

The Liberals just recently have announced that they are inputting $$billions back into healthcare, infrastructure, and a few other “goodies” however, what they are returning is only part of what they originally ripped off from Quebec taxpayers.

The Coulliard Liberal government hopes that people have forgotten what they lost, that what was taken away from them.

Various government ministers and officials including Premier Philippe Coulliard, are busy doing damage control like for example, Coulliard wants us to believe what he did “saved Quebec from bankruptsy”!

He and his trained minions have made a flurry of announcements about how much they are putting into this and that project, photo-ops, radio, and tv interviews stressing how generous the government is, how concerned they are for everybody, and that officially the austerity program is over.

Meanwhile, various organizations, unions and their members have been forgotten and what they lost is also forgotten however, the government somehow “pulled a rabbit out of their hat” finding $$billions in tax money for an unneeded cement plant, a floundering aircraft project, or saving our planet in Paris, France.

They stiffed the police and the ordinary public, which probably won’t ever get their $$billions back yet Quebecers remain quiet about it perhaps, just like their ancestors did back in France during the reign of their monarchy before their revolution, or the Americans.

If what I have described to you seems familiar perhaps, it is, because corruption is world-wide although each region has its own special unique flavor.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”AWARE”.