City Tremble

Lancasters like depicted made many a German city tremble from high explosive bombs.
Over seventy years ago Lancasters like depicted made many a German city tremble when high explosive bombs rained down on them.

Over seventy years ago machines like the depicted, made many a city tremble as its payload rained down from the stratosphere, high above them, and the bombs hit their targets.

This Lancaster heavy bomber carried an awesome load of high explosive fragmentation bombs delivered and  dropped  mostly on German cities however, other cities held by Hitler’s Nazi regime were also targeted by the British Air Force and its Allies.

The British were the first to hit back in retaliation for Field Marshal Herman Goering’s “Blitzkrieg” against Britain’s cities which caused massive damage and civilian casualties.

Initially,  German cities with military importance were blasted using mainly these heavy Lancasters however, later targets included the infamous inferno in Dresden,  where specially developed incendiaries were used to burn this city down causing massive civilian losses.

These aircraft were also modified to suit the operation in which they would partake for example the famous “Dam Busters” adventure where they breached German dams  by specially developed bombs that skipped on water hitting dams walls and exploding flooding important military industrial areas.

This particular machine was Canadian Air Force and presently exhibited in Ottawa’s Rockcliff area Canada Aviation and Space Museum, a wonderful place to visit when in Canada’s capital.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TREMBLE”.