Resist IT


Humanity must resist the mad frenzy rushing IT development and twin sibling AI otherwise, we may lose control of our technological Frankenstein monster.

Many experts have expressed concern that control has already been lost evidence of this is its rapid encroachment on our liberties even as we continue to quickly develop this perhaps, very dangerous still unvetted technology.

Deep reinforcement learning.
AI(computer) mimics how animals learn certain behaviors giving either positive or negative outcomes, this learning allows determining how to navigate by trial and error the processing however, is done super quick allowing the machine to learn without any instruction or explicit examples.

Its processing divides the problem in two, where one network generates new learned data while the other discriminates it as real or fake, together these networks produce very realistic synthetic conclusive data.

Language is the next big target for AI, industry hopes techniques that produced spectacular voice and image recognition progress will now help their computers parse and generate language more effectively, in proper English eh? Reminds you of the Terminator‘s ability to converse with his victims.. “I’ll be back!

The Internet can read your mind..what?
Already, advanced software algorithms glean surprising amounts of detail about your life such as your(majority of users ) general location based on the few (your family and or friends?) who do use “social media” even if you don’t, AI quickly sifts data  making an accurate guess meanwhile, this same software also figures out who your friends are and your personality type.

An algorithm analyzing brain signals and accurately determines what people see in real-time already exists, adding another very important piece useful for AI when it eventually takes over.

Decoding our human perceptual experience, the ability seeing different things and understand what they are, is another algorithm AI uses quickly and accurately predicting when humans look at something and what it was they are looking at.

Still another new algorithm has enabled researchers developing it to work out what people were saying in their heads based on brain activity going on in human guinea-pig heads. Does “1984” and “thought police ” ring a bell? One more important piece for AI to use perhaps, to suppress resistance like “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!

Sensing how things are developing elsewhere, the Chinese tech industry for example, is shifting away from copying Western companies, because they identified AI and machine learning as the next big hot thing their hybrid communist-capitalist government will invest in to the tune of about $15 billion by 2018 allowing more secret advances in AI for their upgrading military. Can you spell A-P-O-C-A-L-Y-P-S-E!

Added to all this gold rush like stampede mimicking lemmings into the abyss such advances as our self-driving cars, snooping killer drones, smart cellphones, smart appliances etc., all connected into huge, vast cellular-WiFi-microwave “intelligent” power grids now in place with “smart meters“already attached to our homes comprising the “Internet of Things” provides a perfect tool-set for  AI tyranny in our future.

Moreover, our obsession with searching for extraterrestrial life and assuming they are organic when perhaps, their advanced AI has already wiped them out puts us in peril if we expose ourselves to them with our  communication signals into the void of space.

Remember, “Skynet” could have super advanced relatives lurking out there waiting to do us harm perhaps, we should tone down our desire for something we don’t need and can’t control if encountered  instead we should be prudent and use extreme caution or perish.

My Hollywood sci-fi movies teasers mashup provides their typical version of the possible horrors that awaits us should the worse happen.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”RESIST”.