Recognize Crystal Ball

Few passersby recognize crystal ball's power predicting destiny perhaps next Maximillions jackpot numbers.
Few passersby recognize crystal ball young lady holds in her hand may have mysterious power to predict destiny.

Few passersby recognize the crystal ball this young lady holds in her hand may have mysterious power to predict destiny perhaps, even what are the winning numbers for the next Maximillions jackpot draw!

Mostly urban legend with a bit of superstition thrown in, some say that certain select individuals have the ability, the sixth sense, to see into the future perhaps, this young woman is part of that distinct group, who knows?

Then again perhaps, she is just another very active busker on Saint Catherine street in Montreal trying to give some “value” for money passersby drop into her collection container.

This picture was taken last summer during Montreal’s International Jazz Festival when the city was bristling with happy music fans from across the globe enjoying our city, its sights and sounds.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”RECOGNIZE”.

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  1. I love the idea of value for money, even if I’m not a believer in divination and clairvoyancy. I wish the average person approaching me for money did so with such a novel idea.

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