Solitude Reset

Solitude person has riding "Zipline" reset after adrenalin rush and reaching destination.
Solitude person has riding famous “Zipline” reset after adrenalin rush and reaching destination on other side.

Hanging on the famous “Zipline” wire provides solitude reset as the heart pumps away hard during that adrenalin rush when you’re zooming along quickly thinking and hoping you can reach that opposite end and safety.

This person, I can’t really tell whether it was he or a she, bundled up in winter clothing because it was after all, February, and a very cold, bright, sunny morning just before lunch.

The picture depicts that they probably felt their solitude reset knowing they would soon be released from their harness after reaching the platform destination on the other side.

The scene is the annual Montreal en Lumiere winter festival where last year they had this particular activity for those who dared do the route on that strung up overhead wire over the Chartier-des-Spectacles festival area.

By-the-way, our festival continues again this 18th year and fortunately February is here so check it out, we welcome you to Montreal!

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”SOLITUDE”.

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