Miniature Automatic

 Miniature automatic weapon, replica of American Thompson submachine gun M1A1.
Miniature automatic weapon, replica of Thompson submachine gun M1A1, used by Americans and allies like Britain in WW2.

This miniature automatic weapon, a replica of the Thompson submachine gun M1A1, used by the American army in WW2 and allies like Britain for its special forces for example, their commandos raiding German occupied France and on D-Day.

The Thompson gun made famous by Prohibition gangsters like Al Capone, Baby-Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine-gun Kelly, and John Dillinger as well as law enforcement agents fighting the gangsters like Eliot Ness and “G-man” Melvin Horace Purvis II.

After the criminals got hold of Thompson submachine guns nicknames like “Chicago Piano”, “Chicago Organ Grinder”, “The Chopper”, and “Chicago Typewriter” became the language used for it probably because Chicago was home to many of the famous criminals that used it to murder rivals or armed robbery.

This famous weapon named after Brigadier General Thompson, a WW1 veteran, who decided to create a better weapon for the US armed forces improving their odds should another war, a world war come again which it did after 30 years of “peace”.

Timing for its introduction was unfortunate however, because after WW1 ended the military had no use for them although sales were brisk in the civilian sector heck, for about USD$200.00 Americans could buy one at the local hardware store and Prohibition criminals did and had an awesome murder machine.

Criminals however, were not the largest purchasers of the Thompson gun that honor goes instead to the New York City Police Department as the largest purchaser of the original version, the Model 1919, when it became available.

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