Repurposed Head

Repurposed metal sculpture head works well as profile photo for my WP blog.
This repurposed head works well as profile photo for my WP blog after being just metal sculpture outside museum.

This repurposed head now works very well as the profile photo for my WP blog after having been just a metal sculpture resting on a grey-colored granite pedestal outside a museum.

One year when I attended an annual Montreal Grand Prix weekend that happens in the Crescent street area which on its north side is near the Museum of Fine Arts, I saw a number of metal sculptures  around the building including this head.

This head appears to be a metal casting, probably bronze, that may have also had some work done on its surface removing any burrs and other imperfections or adding some “scars” ensuring that final smooth pocked finish.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge: “REPURPOSE”.

It is also my submission for this week’s Discover Challenge:”CONVENTIONAL WISDOM” because it says outdoors metal sculptures are only for decoration purposes outside public places not as a “profile photo” for a WP blog.

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