Sudden Devastation

City backhoe shovel ruptured line caused sudden devastation from natural gas explosion.
Within minutes of gas line rupture, there was sudden devastation when house on Acadia street exploded.

Sudden devastation one afternoon in Dollard-des-Ormeaux happened when a city work crew using a backhoe shovel accidentally ruptured an underground Gaz Metropolitain line causing the home to explode and burn.

Within minutes of the breach and after crew safely escaped the area but before a Gaz Metropolitain emergency crew arrived and could do anything to prevent it, natural gas seeped into the house where probably its gas heating furnace pilot light set off the blast.

This disaster could have been worse had the family been inside that house when damage to the gas line  caused gas to leak into the home exploding in a huge fireball blast that flattened the structure and damaged many adjacent neighboring homes.

My picture depicts what the place looked like after the explosion after winter arrived later and when the city, insurance company, and Gaz Metropolitain investigations had probably concluded however, before financial compensation checks for owners and those affected arrived.

Today, that very location on Acadia street, has a two-story modern home and the whole scene is different because all traces of damages are gone leaving no clues for any passersby.

Since this happened almost two decades ago and my memory needed refreshing I checked Google hoping to find the story but found absolutely no mention leading me to conclude that everything is sanitized for some “valid” reason.

It couldn’t possibly be a “national security” issue hmm perhaps, it involves money that the city and the gas company are worried they could lose if allowing this story would remind readers-citizens about dangers natural gas could pose when exposed to naked flame or a spark.

“Out of sight out of mind” seems the motto and giving their clients anxiety about their own homes blowing up is something they want to avoid.

I did however find this bit after a little more research: “natural gas explosion on March 1, 1965 leaves 28 dead in an apartment complex, and another that happened on October 13, 1966 when 11 more died in gas explosion at a polystyrene production plant at the Monsanto factory, both disasters were in the city of La Salle.”

To make it more poignant, there were of those 28 dead, fourteen little girls and four little boys, in all 18 kids killed on that horrible day in October 1966.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”DEVASTATION”.