Someday Some Moment

Someday at some moment our mainly Godless post 9-11 world will end perhaps, in massive cataclysm fashion as this Hollywood film teasers mashup depicts or maybe even more horribly.

Hollywood has always produced enormous amounts of disaster films showing destruction and huge losses of human life to all sorts of things however, war including nuclear war, and evil seem predominant themes in their films.

Aliens, demons, the occult, murder, and suicide are the rage and their emphasis on blood, gore, and destruction of human beings seems to have reached a crescendo moreover Hollywood films include vestiges of demonic worship displayed openly and blatantly without fear of any backlash anymore.

Subject to our new “fake news” filtering, Doomsday or Judgement Day approaches rapidly and stealthily, nobody knows when or how exactly it will all end.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SOMEDAY”.