Toothy Exposure

Exposure to hot sun means disaster for "Mister Toothy" however, February is normally very cold.
Normally long exposure in hot sun for “Mister Toothy” means disaster fortunately, February is  very cold winter month.

Long exposure to hot sunlight for “Mister Toothy” ice sculpture means disaster fortunately, February is normally a very cold winter month ensuring it long survival.

This art work was on exhibit near the curb on Saint Catherine street in downtown last year during the annual “Montreal en lumiere” winter festival located at the Cartier-des-Spectacles events area.

It replicates or at least attempts to replicate west coast aboriginal totem pole art, I have no idea whether this was the goal however, it does seem to have that look and certainly took a bit of artistic talent to carry out.

The art work was one of several that lined the street at the entrance to this Montreal area winter festival, which once again this year welcomes international visitors to our exciting city.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”EXPOSURE”.