Graceful Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph graceful patron saint of workers because he was one of them, and also patron of a happy death.
Saint Joseph graceful because almighty God sanctified him worthy husband of Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, from ravages of evil.

No matter the Christian orientation, Saint Joseph is graceful, sanctified by almighty God Himself worthy to be husband of ever-virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, from the ravages of evil.

Saint Joseph regarded patron saint of workers because he was one of them, a very skilled man in his times when there was a shortage of skilled craftsmen.

Most attribute woodworking or carpentry as his skill however, based on interpretations, he may have been a master of metal work as well something even more rare and desirable then.

One Biblical version has Joseph, an old man, certainly someone at an advanced age and a widower when an angel of the Lord appears to him in a dream telling him to marry Mary, a young woman in the local temple.

Another version describes Saint Joseph as a mature, unmarried, chaste, virginal, just, God-loving, pious man ready to do what the Lord desires for him to do however, no matter which version we pick, what we know is that he was ready to jump in without hesitation.

He marries after the temple rabbis announced throughout Judea that they wished  a respectable man to marry Mary, then twelve to fourteen years of age.

Joseph does as God wants because according to Saint Thomas Aquinas his role is crucial in the Incarnation allowing Mary to marry and probably preventing fellow Jews stoning her for perceived adultery moreover, he provides care and protection to baby Jesus fulfilling the human father role.

Saint Joseph dies before Jesus is “a man”(13 years old) by the Jews we know this because Joseph is not mentioned at the Wedding at Cana, the beginning of Jesus’s mission or equally, at the Crucifixion where under Jewish custom, Joseph would be expected to take charge of Jesus’s body.

He most certainly died in the “arms of Jesus and Mary”, having perfectly followed God’s wishes, the Almighty bestows eternal grace on him upon his death and he becomes the patron of a happy death according to teachings of the Catholic Church.

This “just man” is foster-father of Jesus, a chaste husband of the Ever-Virgin Mary, patron of the “Universal” or Catholic Church and “Terror of Demons”, because Satan and company had absolutely no
success in seducing him while he protected Jesus and Ever-Virgin Mary.

The devil, acclaimed master of lies, easily convinces mortal humans that idle speech, cursing, anger, etc., are OK when dealing with our neighbors, fellow human beings, and especially with God, detests Saint Joseph, whom he failed to ensnare despite a vicious onslaught by demon legions.

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