Musical Ambience

The band created wonderful musical ambience that captivated annual Montreal Jazz Festival fans.
The klezmer band created wonderful ambience with their hybrid musical mix of ethnic, classical, and modern sound.

The band created a wonderful ambience with their musical, a hybrid mix of ethnic, classical, and modern sound that seemed to captivate the mass of fans taking in the annual Montreal Jazz Festival.

It was warm, overcast day, June 29, 2015, and this Montreal based klezmer band put on a very lively and entertaining outdoors, on the street, performance after having done a gig earlier at the Heiniken Beer tent stage just a short distance away.

This group, three women and five men were really belting out their music much to delight of all the people gathered around them in the Cartier-des-Spectacles festivals area in downtown Montreal as my picture depicts.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”AMBIENCE”

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