Clinging To Power


Clinging on to power always the norm for those who have gotten drunk on it particularly tyrants, strong men, and dictators however, the US Constitution requires Barak Hussein Obama  hand it over to newcomer Donald Trump.

Eight long years ago after the world financial system crashed in 2008 because of inbred corruption and abuses, Americans elected him as their new president because his Democratic Party promised them “Change and Hope”.

Barak was the “anointed one”, the “messiah”, who seduced voters with very nice speeches condemning the previous George W Bush Republican government telling them their grief was over and promising them a bright wonderful future with him.

There was going to be more jobs, more opportunities for everyone who wanted to work heck, “shovel ready jobs” guaranteed because of more money for infrastructure, more money for industry was coming , more understanding and brotherly love, less racial strife, more low-income housing, more money for higher education, and everyone would be covered by “free” medicare.

There was however, just one minor thing that Barak and company had to take care of first, saving those “too big to fail” failed financials and banks but no worry Obama had a team of seasoned financial experts ready to jump in of course this cost “some” money.

As it turned out most were former Clinton administration veterans who “saved” Russia after the USSR imploded creating conditions for the new billionaire “oligarchs” the “robber barons” who fleeced the former state because of their connections with those American experts.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt: “CLING”.

2 thoughts on “Clinging To Power

  1. Obama did his best and the results are there to see. He goes down as a great president. Thank God the American system provides for change of who occupies the White House; and so no clinging to power.

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