Gone Fishin’


Hillary Clinton has gone fishin’ after that gruelling campaign workout lasting months and months and then suffering that disappointing end despite that massive infusion of money and controlled media help.

After twice being rejected for US president and the White House she will probably try to vanish into the ether to enjoy that incredible fortune both she and “Slick Willy” have amassed in the Clinton Foundation.

Both will however,  attend Donald Trumps inauguration to which they got invited.

They will also enjoy playing respectful grandparents to their grandchild that Chelsea has brought them  while married with investment banker Marc Mezvinsky.

The Clintons  will continue to amass even more loot doing their speeches for Goldman Sacks, the Council on Foreign Relations,  international banker and financial groups, and anyone who has big money for them.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”GONE”.