Dark Cluttered Interior

A dark damp cluttered interior filled with parts and myriad of "projects" awaiting restoration work.
Dark damp cluttered interior filled with old “project” motorcycles and couple of cars awaiting restoration work lined rented garage floor space.

A dark damp cluttered interior filled with a myriad of “projects” awaiting restoration work filled the rented garage floor space when I last saw it about a decade ago.

This horde of various old motorcycles and many parts for them along with a couple of old cars that also needed much work to restore them to valuable “classics” of a bygone era that collectors seek were taking up almost every inch of garage space.

As my picture shows, there was certainly some very interesting content all over the floor space and no doubt some was valuable to somebody heck, that Honda 750 cc motorcycle in the forefront would qualify or perhaps that Triumph, or the Willeys army Jeep from 1942.

Yes, it was some collection that my old friend had however, that was before it was all liquidated because it had gotten too much to handle and life got in the way.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt: “INTERIOR”.