Cash Hopeful

Three cash hopeful Montreal buskers play rock n roll music on Saint Catherine street on busy July night for crowd.

Three cash hopeful Montreal buskers play Beatles and Rolling Stones songs on Saint Catherine street on  busy July night for appreciative crowd .

Three always cash hopeful  Montreal buskers practice their musical abilities on a busy July night on Saint Catherine street west.

These guys certainly attracted a nice crowd of tourists and some local passersby while doing popular Beatles and Rolling Stones songs interspersed with some newer stuff.

I had just left the Montreal International Jazz Festival site, where the wonderful entertainment continued for another few hours for the enjoyment of die-hard jazz fans gathered there, when I came upon this bunch.

After catching a few free shows I noticing the time and decided to head home along Saint Catherine towards Atwater boulevard metro(subway station), when I first heard them and then noticed the gathered crowd in front of the La Baie department store listening to these guys.

As my picture shows, cash was already accumulating in their opened old, beaten, guitar case which also had that small stuffed teddy bear toy in it, probably their mascot.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”HOPEFUL”.

2 responses

  1. Teddy bear must be a mascot otherwise I can’t imagine someone putting a teddy instead of money in the guitar case…

    1. OK.

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