B Calm


B Calm is a Hollywood movie mashup about the ultimate disaster  yet to visit mankind, the end of our world, Judgement Day.

Although everybody has heard or should have heard that it will happen nobody wants to believe it because it’s too awesome to imagine instead we prefer to ignore it.

Hollywood however, has not ignored it instead, they have made millions from it entertaining us with fantastic versions of what it may be like and advances in technology has helped them do it.

They have also perverted how the holy bible describes the coming apocalypse preferring to create their own versions of the future involving asteroids, hideous, murderous alien beings, killer AI humanoid robots, incredible mother-ships, and even time travel.

Being calm even in scenarios that Hollywood dreams up is near impossible for us average, ordinary, humans because we just can’t imagine dying in such a horrible way.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CALM”.