Feline Anticipation

Feline anticipation by the moosh awaiting his master at around 5 AM to let him outside.
Feline anticipation depicted here as this little guy awaits his master to get up around 5 AM and let him out.

Feline anticipation is written all over this little guy’s face as he awaits his master to awake, rise from bed, and then let him out the backdoor, except when it was dreadfully cold in the winter.

If it was extremely cold or a winter storm was happening then even if I opened the door he would just stick his neck out a bit sniff and quickly bolt back into the house and rush down into the basement to the cat litter box facilities.

This was a very familiar routine in my household when we had as family pet, this little rascal, our orange-colored tabby alas, he’s gone and the house doesn’t seem the same.

The moosh was a master in getting his way particularly early in the morning, when he would unleash his bag of tricks if required, to get attention .

My picture depicts the launching stage at around 5AM failing which he would meow followed up by another with a slightly modified higher tone failing which there would be another then another finally he would either jump onto the bed or playfully scratch the side of bed and bolt.

That last trick is what really annoyed me enough to grudgingly wake and get out of bed if I already had not and to give him what he wanted.

Today, as I write this that annoyance I felt is history instead I reminisce about those 19 years we had together and how he would always try to cosy up so I would pet him as he purred away while we were on the sofa watching the TV.

I miss him awaiting us on top of the stairs when we arrived home having opened the front door, he was always there and if not, would be lurking nearby strategically placed not to miss anything coming through the door.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”ANTICIPATE”.

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    1. Thank you Tina for a very thoughtful, compassionate, and perhaps, clairvoyant comment, only time will tell.

      By-the-way, have yourself a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic, prosperous 2017!

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