New Horizon Blend

My new horizon a blend holding much potential however, this cup seems to meet the requirements.
My new horizon a blend holding much potential to being rich and delicious however, still unproven needing a try out.

My new horizon is a blend holding much potential, something that may be rich and delicious however, it is still an unproven, unknown thing to try out.

This image portrays all that because after all, I like most of us, love that first nice fresh cup of coffee early on a lovely, bright, sunny, morning after a good night sleep and this cup seems to meet the requirement.

Someone once said the world is an oyster to open up and quickly enjoy and they were right because possibility and opportunity abound all you have to do is be alert and ready for what the future brings your way.

I welcome the future gladly expecting the opportunities that will happen meanwhile, I also steel myself for the times when things go wrong or not exactly as planned while remaining alert for even more opportunities.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”NEW HORIZON”.