Shiny Treasure

Freezing rain covered tree branches glistened in the bright morning sun like shiny treasure.
Shiny treasure glistened in the bright morning sun the result of freezing rain on tree branches from the night before.

The tree branches glistened like strings of shiny treasure in the bright morning sun after a bath of freezing rain from the night before.

The thin coating of frozen rain water covering some of the branches was certainly a dazzler the way the sun’s rays were bouncing off them however, it wasn’t going to last long because soon wind and the sun’s warm rays would take their toll.

Although this makes for a very nice picture used in this blog post freezing rain is nothing to get fond about because of all the havoc it produces when enough of it messes with the electrical grid, making people fall on sidewalks and get hurt, when it does structural damage, or causes terrific car accidents.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TREASURE”.

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    1. Nature does have its wonderful quality even with freezing rain and I’m happy you liked my picture!

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