Nothing Sacred

Nothing is sacred when green devil Victor and associates do mayhem on Montreal's Crescent street.
Nothing is sacred as picture shows when devils invaded Montreal’s Crescent street doing their nasty mayhem.

Nothing is sacred today as this picture shows when devils have invaded Crescent street in Montreal to do their nasty mayhem while mingling with visitors.

The scene is a cloudy grey Thursday before the 2016 Montreal International Grand Prix and the Just-For-Laughs green devil with red horns is doing his rounds with his two cute, trusty assistants running interference with passersby.

“Victor” the Just-For-Laughs festival devil mascot was just drumming up interest for Grand Prix international visitors to consider attending the annual laughs festival which features all sorts of outdoor events in addition to its live comedy.

Visitors can see circus arts with clowns and acrobats, sideshow antics, buskers on stilts, street dancing and an assortment of fun things during the duration of this festival at Place des Festivals.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SACRED”.