Missing Material

Vintage aircraft is missing material probably canvas stretched and glued to frame to allow flight.
The missing  material is canvas that they  stretched and glued over vintage wooden airplane frame allowed it to fly.

This Vintage aircraft is missing canvas material that they stretched and glued to frame to allow flight carrying a human being.

Apparently, a type of “goop” adhesive was used to adhere the canvas material onto the wings and body of this vintage airplane.

This particular  exhibit is very interesting because it is one of the first type of craft to ever attempt flying.

The scene is in the Canadian Aviation And Space Museum located in the Rockcliffe area of Ottawa, Ontario, which began operations at the beginning of the 20th century and is considered Canada’s official aviation museum.

This particular exhibit may be seen almost immediately after entering inside the exhibits area of this museum.

It is as my picture shows, mostly wood construction except for the engine, the undercarriage, various metal brackets, nuts, bolts, wires, and the two bicycle wheels.

I believe this particular exhibit is just a model of a similar craft probably constructed and was “hi-tech” way back then.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”MISSING”.