Smart Protest

Protests against "smart" meters proliferation by Hydro Quebec without citizen's consent or real consultation.
Organized reactionary protests in Quebec when Couillard Liberals thrust 2 billion dollars “smart” meters program on
taxpayers without real prior consultation or their consent.

Protests against smart meters proliferation pushed by state electrical utility company, Hydro Quebec, in coordination with the international banker elite brain thrust determined to fully control people’s lives through the “Internet of Things” technology.

Incidently, it was this same Internet of Things that hackers very recently used to attack the Internet itself when they successfully infected and zombified masses of ordinary “smart” appliances and other electronics to create a denial of services pulse on certain key Internet servers.

Organized reactionary protests happened all over Quebec when the Couillard Liberal “gooberment” in consultation with international elites decided without any real public consultation or consent to mass refit with electrical power “smart” meters replacing millions of analog ones still working perfectly.

The move was not without financial cost to taxpayers nor is it without privacy costs that each citizen endures just so the North American power grid can be used as a population monitoring system by the elites in advancing their ideological objectives.

Although these Quebec protests failed to fully stop this unconstitutional, authoritarian move they did wake average, ordinary citizens to the reality of “big brother” and his designs on the population.

Many quickly realized that their personal freedoms would be affected despite the political elites maintaining a fake cynical smile while doing so.

Meanwhile, the smart meters turned out not to be so smart after reports of spontaneous fires and mysterious increases of cancers and other radiation related illnesses surfaced after their earlier installation in the USA and Europe which has temporarily halted their implementation all across the globe.

As this is written the Hydro Quebec’s top managers involved in this faulty, failed installation program have quietly resigned perhaps because of the heat and pressure generated by citizens however, it is more likely the insurance industry lobby fed up paying for liabilities caused by this technology.

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