Vanishing Ideology


Dictator Fidel Castro’s sudden death drove one of the last nails into the coffin of a vanishing ideology, relic of the twentieth century. from which Cuba continues to wake from after decades of communist-socialist rule.

Since 1959 when the Marxist-Leninist Castro brothers and their motley, renegade, rebel group that included Argentinian Che Guevara came out of hiding in the Sierra Maestra mountains  ruthlessly taking power from corrupt brutal dictator Fulgencio Batista giving the poor people of Cuba a moment of respite.

History has yet make judgement which of the two dictators was more nasty in depriving average, ordinary Cubans an opportunity to enjoy the freedoms that North Americans take for granted everyday.

Many older Cubans still remember the thousands the new communist regime detained, arrested,  imprisoned, and tortured for decades or were summarily executed without trial by Castro’s busy firing squads within the first days of the new regime.

The Castro brothers have a lot to account for even if they did some good for the Cuban people meanwhile, enriching themselves beyond their wildest dreams and almost starting WW3 when they allowed the Soviet Union to place nukes in Cuba sparking the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis.

Today Fidel is dust while Raul continues to rule with an iron fist until he finally retires very soon to be replaced by new blood, a new generation, that grew up under brutal Castro rule.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”VANISH”.