Magic Book

A telephone directory can be a magic book for anybody who runs a business.
The magic book was his company’s telephone directory because of information on everything anyone would want in its pages.

The telephone directory was his magic book because it had information on everything that anyone would want somewhere on one of its pages all anybody had to do is thumb through it to find it.

It was a magic book because it made money for this speaker that his company would conjure up in his bank account every two weeks if he expanded his sales to interested customers wanting to sell more of their goods to clients who found them in the new directory.

The scene was a small business networking group and the speaker represented a competitor to the famed Yellow Pages that dominated the market for this type of convenience until the smart cell-phone and Internet made it pretty well obsolete.

As you can see that directory certainly contained a lot of information judging from how fat it looks in my picture meaning that a lot of businesses were listed in it.

Probably it was less expensive to do so compared to the Yellow Pages therefore it was popular with customers.

This is my contribution for the WP weekly photo challenge:”MAGIC”.