Chaotic Manifestation

Chaotic manifestation of concerned Quebecers celebrating "Earth Day" in downtown Montreal.
Decade old chaotic manifestation of concerned believing “climate change” causes abrupt catastrophic end to world, celebrating “Earth Day”.

A chaotic manifestation of the concerned celebrating Earth Day about a decade ago involved trade unionists, Marxist-Leninist fractions, communist activists, Quebec Solidaire party members, other leftists, climate change cadres, the Refuse movement fighting the Hydro-Quebec utility “smart meters”, and plain average ordinary folks out for a walk or enjoying the fine weather
that Sunday.

As my picture shows, it was a mass demonstration of Quebec citizens unhappy with the climate change question fearing that the world as they knew it was about to come to an abrupt catastrophic end.

Some of these people were so caught up in it they started to believe that the return of biblical times was happening and that Noah and the Ark would suddenly appear.

The intense fear-mongering and propaganda that the controlled mass media spread about uncontrolled arctic ice melting leading to mass flooding made it sound like the Apocalypse.

Everyday they saw images of polar bear cubs struggling to survive on bits of ice because of rising water from melted glaciers or a New York city submerged with only the Statue of Liberty’s torch bearing arm sticking out, it was enough to scare the sh.t out of the ignorant and uneducated who happened to view this propaganda on their TVs or heard something on radio.

According to what famed climate guru Al Gore and those esteemed “expert” scientists like David Suzuki our Earth could only be saved by an infusion of $$$billions from taxes levied by our “gooberments” and sent to a special United Nations save our planet (“slush”) fund otherwise, we would all be under several feet of cold water.

Decades later, we are still here and that climatologists siren song continues to be heard gladly disseminated by the controlled mass media, who have been temporarily interrupted by the “Fake News” issue.

This very “important” pressing issue emerged after the election of Donald Trump for US president, go figure!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CHAOTIC”.