Pungent Smell

he pungent smell of fresh-cut Pine lingers in air enticing busy Christmas shoppers to buy.
The pungent smell of fresh-cut  trees lingers in air where busy Christmas shoppers looking for real thing can buy them.

The Christmas season is almost here and the pungent smell of fresh-cut Pine trees ready to use lingers in the air near where they are sold to busy shoppers desiring a real tree for their home.

Thousand of young pine trees from tree farms are available because the demand for real has revived recently compared to not so long ago when store-bought imported artificial assemble-it-yourself variety was in favor.

Awhile ago the artificial tree was the ecologically correct thing because it saved forests, was cheaper to buy, no need to water the tree so it wouldn’t dry up, no mess from dry pine needles to clean up, it was less of a fire hazard, you could reuse the artificial tree instead of having to it out after Christmas, and you saved money not buying a new fresh pine each year.

As history has already shown us new is not necessary better and what is tried and proven does come back because of nostalgia or because marketers push it as a new fashion that everybody must have to be accepted as being “in”.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PUNGENT”.