It’s Not This Time Of Year Without Santa

It’s not this time of year without Santa heck, there would be no wild drinking parties and stuff if he didn’t exist also the economy would suffer because manufacturers would produce less goods and merchants sell very little.

No, the jolly old elf had to be conjured up so kids would get their Christmas gifts and booze companies could produce gazillions of liters of liquor to sell clubs and bars allowing their regulars, the thirsty drunks, get themselves plastered giving employment for law enforcement to
ticket drunks so lawyers could defend them in the courts giving judges..

New York city marketers created Santa last century to sell their wares and he has been a success ever since selling all sorts of stuff to their brainwashed shoppers eager to please their families and friends with Christmas gifts meanwhile, “improving” international banks annual profits.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”IT’S NOT THIS TIME OF YEAR WITHOUT”.

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