Scorched Earth

Even before Barak Hussein Obama could fade safely into comfort and obscurity the USA became scorched earth when arch-enemy Vladimir Putin’s Russia launched a sneak nuclear attack following up on his threat much earlier.

It had been a terse, nerve wrecking presidential campaign the likes of which there never was where Obama’s choice, his ex-secretary-of-State and former first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, seeming to have the momentum helped by massive funding and almost complete controlled media support lost to Donald Trump running his campaign literally just on fumes.

The Kremlin was waiting for this very moment to get its revenge on the Americans for imposing crippling sanctions on mother Russia after its “little green men” grabbed Ukraine’s Crimea and then eastern cities of Donbass and Luhansk after its deep cover agent Yanokovych totally disarmed and financially bled the country near death with his corrupt government.

Vladimir Putin and his generals believed that they scored a “perfecta” when they launched WW3 however, just like when Japan attacked Pear Harbor in WW2 almost a century earlier they would soon realize their very serious mistake.

My video mashup depicts a nuclear war with the ruskies just like it could happen fulfilling a Bible prophesy

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SCORCHED”.