Fish Frenzy

Fish frenzy after man throws breadcrumbs into Centennial Park's artificial lake.
The fish frenzy happened within moments after man threw breadcrumbs into Centennial Park’s artificial lake.

The (cat)fish frenzy happened within moments after the man threw breadcrumbs into the artificial lake at the Centennial Park in Montreal’s West Island.

Despite signs warning visitors to the park to refrain from feeding the wildlife people do it exposing themselves to stiff fines for their deeds.

As my picture shows local catfish, carp, and huge goldfish that inhabit this small lake swarm any distribution of crumbs, Cheerios, popcorn, or any other “food” that people illegally provide them.

A similar and more serious scenario occurs in the Fall when various waterfowl are around and sometimes end up overstaying when cruel Winter storms arrive trapping them without shelter and food to survive it.

These birds often die freezing to death because humans addicted them to easy food like those I already mentioned thrown out to them to feed on.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FISH”.

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