Irksome Man

That irksome man certainly gave some people in the Democrat party near cardiac arrests because of his uncontrolled sexual desires and sexting.

Anthony Weiner has ruined probably any chance for a career in politics or even in success in the corporate world not to mention his now dead married life because Huma Abedin, a long-time senior aide to Hillary Clinton, has finally dumped him.

His antics got a FBI investigation going that almost stopped Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign dead just days before the election fortunately Clinton’s monied connections saved that by Sunday but things were very scary meanwhile.

This video depicts the Weiner as he squanders it all because he can’t control his urges for beautiful young women despite already having a young wife, family, money, and excellent political connections all the way to the White House.

Although Weiner likes exposing himself there is no proof he is “flasher” as my video shows instead, he prefers sending salacious images of self on Twitter.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”IRKSOME”.

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    1. Everyone judges every moment of everyday only we keep it to ourselves mostly, it’s a human thing!

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