Sleeping Giant

Once predominant Catholic religion reduced to sleeping giant by secularism introduced by internationals.
Quebec Catholic religion  reduced to a sleeping giant influenced by international interests seeking wealth and political
 power through secularism.

Once predominant in Quebec society the Catholic religion reduced to a sleeping giant, just a symbolic heritage mention in history books when discussing “New France” and its early explorers and settlers in North American.

The period after WW2 started the erosion of Christian religion with the influx of international interests whose only goal was attaining wealth and power in whatever means it took ethical or not.

During those times communism controlled large sections of the globe and its minions were infiltrated everywhere to exert influence in whatever way they could and “secularism” was the ticket because it allegedly promoted “equality” for everyone.

Christian religion was an impediment to that equality so it had to be diminished if not destroyed in whatever means possible.

There certainly were a lot of those means available particularly if the “progressive” minions of the “evil empire” as US president Ronald Regan called the USSR, wormed their way into positions of authority, influence, and political power.

Quebec was and is a convenient testing ground for abuses perpetrated by members of those international progressive forces that are still actively working to create their “perfect” socialist world.

As my image shows religion appears ancient, a relic of the past however, it is still solid as the statue and the old Sun Life building in the background not yet dead as some would desire.

This is my contribution to WP single word prompt:”GIANT”.