Rearranging Puppy

Rearranging the puppy not easy in mid-winter and he might run off onto road and be hit by car.
Rearranging  puppy not easy because it was mid-winter  also little fella might run off onto nearby road and  hit by car.


Rearranging the puppy was not as easy as some would think because after all it was in the middle of winter and also the little fella might run off onto the nearby road and be hit by a car.

This little guy fortunately had good owner that cared for him enough to hold him tight meanwhile, adjusting his hold to make things more comfortable for puppy and owner.

My picture is about two years old taken in late January or early February because that doggy was such a sweet cute little puppy and I knew you probably would like him too.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”REARRANGE”.