Old Girder Bridge

The Jacques Cartier, an old 1920's girder bridge joins Montreal with south-shore communities.
The Jacques Cartier is an old girder bridge that spans  Saint Lawrence river joining south-shore communities with Montreal.

The old style girder bridge depicted is the famous Jacques Cartier which spans across the saint Lawrence river joining south-shore communities like Saint Lambert, Longueuil, Brossard and Saint Hubert with the Montreal island.

This solidly built steel truss cantilever bridge opened May 14, 1930 and has served Montrealers and folks in the south-shore well and will soon outlive the Champlain bridge built during the late 1950’s to early 1962 and be replaced very soon.

The Cartier bridge constructed of steel at a cost of C$23 million took two and half years to build work started in 1926 meanwhile, its sister the Champlain took about five years and cost CDN$52 million.

To help pay for its construction the Cartier bridge once was a toll bridge however, it has been a “free” bridge since the 1962.

The bridge is in the process of being dressed up with thousands of lights changing multi-color for Montreal’s 375th birthday and Canada’s 150th coming up next year.

There will be 2,800 square lights on the 2.5-kilometre structure and its turrets and these lights will have 365 shades of colors to coordinate with seasons and events going on in the city.

This extravaganza will soak taxpayers for over CDN$40 million dollars and the company that is doing the garnishing guarantees the lights to work for a whole year.

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