Banned Secret Evil

A banned secret evil exists destroying America morally and bringing country to brink of economic collapse.
A banned secret evil exists in Washington doing everything possible destroying American decency and morality while
 financially bankrupting USA.

A banned secret evil exists in Washington and has done everything possible to continue its work messing with American decency and morality meanwhile bringing country to brink of economic collapse.

This situation like everything else in this physical world it all will end.

When that happens largely depends on how Americans cast their vote, a constitutionally given right, when they choose on November 8, 2016 and some have already exercised that right.

Since the days after WW2 Americans have been subjected to persistent 24/7/365 campaign to erode their humanity and moral standards replacing it with Godless anything goes secularism.

Americans have seen their standard of living take a nose dive within the last three decades meanwhile, presidents have lied and one lied about his predatory illicit sex in the White House denying it, being impeached only to finish his term as president going on to making a fortune on corporate speech circuit.

Recently, another president promised real change instead brought the country to the brink of economic collapse, greatly advanced destruction of all morality, fomented racial strife, hatred of police, and distrust of fellow Americans.

This sitting president enjoys great popularity as a Hollywood celebrity, and will soon retire a millionaire with a wonderful presidential pension and all perks his predecessors had.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BANNED”.