Artificial Reality Being

Artificial reality beings, products of computers of our evolving technology being used to grab political power.
Artificial reality beings augmented by evolving technology computer-generated  input  used to grab political power.

Artificial reality beings augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics and other evolving technological marvels of our modern world are being used to grab power in our physical world.

All sorts of audio  or visual methods are employed to get attention, coerce, and confuse the listeners/viewers making them perceive the messages they hear and see from the alleged “free” media are factual, the truth.

The unrelenting, well oiled, infernal machine operates 24/7 feeding its audience prescribed messages telling them what to do on November 8th  2016.

Every day Americans are subject to intense computer-generated manipulation controlled by  a handful of filthy rich who already have everything  money can buy and want the have the only thing they still don’t have.

They are using their corporations, shell companies, thousands of loyal minions carefully selected and distributed throughout government, unions, and political parties to attain it.

Since last week they feel confident that they have succeeded and are about to get what they want.

Americans have been carefully herded into the proverbial corner unable to get out and are given options not of their choice.

As one American aboriginal once explained about politics “whether the candidates are left-wing or right-wing they are still part of the same bird!”

Today, American “democracy” is just talk without much substance perpetrated on the foolish who still believe that their “vote” counts.

Actually it won’t make an iota of difference in the end because the average ordinary voter has no control regarding the counting, processing, and posting the final result.

There are just too many ways to manipulate that result  today and  the “winner” is already decided because absolute power is the game being played here and  the behind-the-scenes crowd are winning.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ARTIFICIAL”.