Lonely Waiting

A lonely waiting a little wild apple hung on tree next to road across from remains of an old farmhouse.
A lonely, waiting, little, wild apple hung from tree bordering a country road near where an old farmhouse once stood.

A lonely, waiting, little, wild apple hung from its tree near the road not very far from where once stood an old farmhouse and a huge hay barn.

It was one of three apples still hanging on that tree after the first frosts and winds of autumn, the rest of the tree’s little apples had already fallen and probably been eaten by white-tail deer that frequent this area deep in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

Curious about how they taste I sampled one of these apples and found that it was quite delightful not bitter or sour to the palate heck, those deer certainly have got a treat eating them.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”WAITING”.