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Two downtown 'local' waterholes filled to capacity are both on very popular Crescent Street.
These two downtown ‘local’ waterholes filled to capacity are  on Crescent Street a very popular area  during summer.


Two Montreal downtown ‘local’ waterholes filled to capacity with international tourists and regulars during the International Grand Prix both are on very popular Crescent Street.

Both the Sir Winston Churchill Pub and the Mad Hatter depicted during early summer when Montreal hosted the event and as you can see the Churchill Pub seems filled to capacity spilling out on their outside gallery.

The Churchill Pub just happens to be in the upper or north part of Crescent Street and benefits from more exposure to the masses that arrive for the big event whereas the Mad Hatter located south or further down making it more a quiet place perhaps a more cosy joint catering to those that prefer less noise and exposure.

Since I don’t frequent downtown much I can’t really comment in detail about these two locals furthermore, my favorite local is now a coffee shop after the original bar was sold, demolished and replaced by a spanking new Tim Hortons.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”LOCAL”.

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  1. Great post about downtown Montreal. I am loving this theme – local. Everyone’s take on the theme is different, unique, and personal. Thank you for sharing about your part of the world.

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